Matterport 3D Scans

[expand title=”What is a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour?” tag=”h2″] Matterport 3D tours offer prospective clients/customers or visitors the ability to take a tour without ever stepping a foot on the premises. Matterport uses a three-dimensional camera system to create realistic, fully immersive experiences. It allows the viewer to explore the location from a variety of vantage points, view the individual details of a property and get a feel for the space from the comfort of their home.

Matterport 3d virtual tour or Matterport 3D walkthrough is a three-dimensional property tour that lets real estate buyers remotely “walk through” a virtual model of a home. Viewers can navigate the space simply by clicking or tapping their screen; they can look up or down, as well as side to side, just as they would in real life.

See below for a sample: [/expand]